Launched in December 2011 with the purpose of enabling the .NET ecosystem on Cloud Foundry, the Iron Foundry projects does more than just extend Cloud Foundry to support .NET. It provides .NET developers with tools and services with which they are familiar.

We are passionate about Iron Foundry and are always working on new features. If you have any ideas or feedback let us know. If you are like us and want to get involved, we welcome you to get started.


Committed To Community Enabling .NET

Iron Foundry is committed to the community and enabling .NET in an open and transparent manner. We want all people using or supporting Iron Foundry to be part of the community and give back.

Ideas Should Be Shared

You can make a change: If you have ideas and want to suggest a change let us know! Before entering a new suggestion make sure it has not already been suggested - and if it has, "up vote" it.

Users Should Be Contributors Too

If you are a user of Iron Foundry make sure you also contribute. You can contribute many ways and have a chance to be on a committee.

No Ego Needed

Just fun and community: Don't be afraid of submitting your ideas as healthy debate is good and often creates a better solution. Just remember that healthy debate has no ego in it so check it at the door.


Jared Wray
Eric Lee
Scott Densmore
Brannon Jones
Bob Brumfield
Brian Button
Nathan Young
Richard Seroter
Luke Bakken
Adron Hall
Cale Hoopes
Adrien Lo
Shantu Roy
Darren Simmonds
Brent Heinz